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Updates and Projections

As you can see from our supporting and distribution partners listed here, we’ve already built a powerful coalition for a successful public education initiative. Though it’s still growing, one key partner we’re missing from the list is you and your support to help reach our funding goal for educational distribution.



  • Wisconsin Coastal Management Program
  • National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
  • University of Wisconsin Green Bay
  • University of Wisconsin Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems
  • Wisconsin Farmer’s Union
  • Wisconsin Center For Environmental Education
  • Northeast Wisconsin Technical College
  • Glacierland Resource & Development Council
  • Southwest Badger Resource & Development Council
  • Michael Fields Agricultural Institute
  • The Into the Outdoors Education Network
  • Alliance for the Great Lakes
  • The Aldo Leopold Foundation
  • The River Alliance of Wisconsin
  • Gathering Waters
  • Grass Works
  • Organic Valley
  • Waseda Farms
  • Oneida Nation of Wisconsin
  • Midwest Organic & Sustainable Education Service
  • ThedaCare
  • NWTC Educational Foundation
  • Hastings Mutual Insurance
  • Applied Ecological Services

What makes this educational initiative so powerful is that we’ve more than tripled the projected public reach of the program by expanding our television broadcast from 1 to 7 million potential households. See details in the Detail Summary to view our expanded broadcast television coverage. Plus, we’ve also tripled the total content from 30 minutes to over 90 minutes total time of documentary and educational films, funded in part by the Wisconsin Coastal Management Program and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Office for Coastal Management under the Coastal Zone Management Act, Grant # NA16NOS4190108. We’ve also expanded our educational distribution network with over 40 educational distributors, statewide, regionally and nationally, while harnessing the curriculum development strength of educational professionals. See the compounded broadcast television, educational distribution and classroom impact on the “Impact Flow Chart PDF”.

We’re pleased to announce that the entire film is completed and being aired on Wisconsin Public Television. Of course you can also get your expanded full “director’s cut” on DVD at the top of this page. Airtimes for Wisconsin Public Television Channels are:

Although we’ve completed the production the film, distribution remains key to educating the public and the agricultural community about our search of sustainability. So now more than ever, the distribution of the film to the public depends heavily on your funding support, so please take a moment to fill out your tax-deductible pledge below.