Family watching birds on television.

Family watching birds on television.

The Power to Reshape Perceptions

Searching for Sustainability is an unprecedented educational initiative now underway to empower people to “think critically for themselves” about how sustainability affects their environment and lives. The first in the series will focus on how the sustainable ramifications of food production in Wisconsin impacts our environment. This multi-level program is using the power of Emmy-winning state and regional broadcast television networks, film festivals, public screenings, college and high school science films along with companion educational curriculum to reshape public perceptions. Watch the sample trailers above to get a sense of the engaging content and quality that will be part of this initiative.

The initiative’s mass distribution program will be delivering this sustainability story to farms, households, policy makers, agencies, industries, classrooms and communities where it is projected to impact almost half the population of Wisconsin. In fact, Wisconsin Public Television has formally expressed, “...full interest and support in this new endeavor. There’s no doubt sustainability is critically important and is a topic of great interest to our audience. It has many layers and presents many issues. Your plan to approach the topic with a look back at history, explore present day issues and look ahead to the future, is an excellent approach that I’m sure will be both educational and captivating.” Because of the growing momentum and reach of this program, please see the details of all the ways it will educate and impact the public about sustainability by clicking on this “Details of Searching for Sustainability” PDF or this “Impact Flow Chart” PDF.

Why You Need to Partner with Your Peers

If your mission or beliefs support public education about sustainability, then you need to stand alongside the growing number of partners who are already supporting what you believe. Some of Wisconsin’s most prominent agencies, organizations, and corporations believe so strongly in the power of this program to improve the environmental quality of our lands, waters and lives, that they have already funded over half the program. Now it’s your turn to partner with your peers while further supporting your mission, and earning the following benefits of supporting this initiative. Simply fill out your Pledge Support below.

  • You will receive rights to reproduce and distribute your custom DVD copies as you wish – either in your membership, public and private screenings, in fund-raising drives, or with long-term sales for the economic benefit of your organization.
  • You earn the right to freely showcase and distribute any of the initiative’s educational films and materials directly through your website.
  • You will receive an “exclusive branded” DVD master of the Searching for Sustainability documentary film that will banner, “This film is brought to you by… your exclusive logo and website of your organization”.
  • You earn your name and/or logo promotion in film credits, news releases, film-screening promotions, film festival poster credits, and classroom education materials.